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Advanced Therapies Congress 2024

cell therapy, gene therapyBlogEsther How & Atiyeh Razavi18 April, 2024
Potential uses of stem cells derived from umbilical cord bloodstem cellsFeatureMaariya Rachid Daud11th January, 2024
How clinical trials work and the critical role that they play in drug developmentclinical trialsFeatureMathumai Govindarajan10th January, 2024
Stem cell therapy as a potential treatment for breast cancerbreast cancerFeatureXuanqi Song16th October, 2023

Personalized & precision medicine approaches for cardiovascular disease

cardiovascular diseaseFeature

Isabela Garcia Pleijlar

16th October, 2023
WIRED Health 2023personalized medicineBlogRithika Ganesh,
Abirami Prabhakaran,
Clotilde Vazquez
16th October, 2023
Advanced Therapies Congress, 2023advanced therapiesBlogAtiyeh Razavi,
Isabela Pleijlar,
Clotilde Vazquez
9th June, 2023
Surgical Robotics: The Future of Surgery?robotic surgeryBlogNicole Broughton5th April, 2023
Prostate cancer research: Latest advancesprostate cancerFeatureTala Elremmash5th April, 2023
Glioblastoma: Current Therapies & Recent Therapeutic AdvancesglioblastomaFeatureEleanor Doherty7th February, 2023
Advanced Therapies Europe 2022cell & gene therapyBlogRithika Ganesh19th November 2022
The Era of Personalized Cancer Therapeuticscancer therapiesFeature

Isabel Levy
Seema Bachoo

6th October 2022
Human African trypanosomiasis (HAT): past to present and beyondtrypanosomiasisFeature

Aaron Logsdon

10th August 2022
The use of Stem Cells in Modern Medicinestem cellsFeature

Lovisa Lindquist

10th August 2022
What is Digital Health and how is it revolutionizing healthcare?digital healthFeature

Olivia Crossley


7th August 2022
Advanced Therapies Congress, 24-25 May, 2022, ExCel Londoncell & gene therapyBlogXuanqi Song 
Sam Jarada
7th July 2022
What is phage therapy and could it be used as an alternative to antibiotics?phage therapyBlog

Sam Jarada

29th June 2022
Genomics: The Advent of Preventative Medicine?genomicsFeatureOlivia Crossley14th April 2022
Covid-19: How will testing and vaccines have to adapt to new variants?covid19, vaccines, testingFeatureJoana Vidigueira1st April 2022
What is CAR-T cell therapy?CAR-T therapyFeature

Seema Bachoo

25th February 2022
Pharmacogenomics: The future of medicine?pharmacogenomicsFeatureCeleste Cohen23rd January 2022
How immunotherapy can improve colorectal cancer prognosiscolorectal cancerFeatureAaron Logsdon16th December 2021
What is meant by the terms Personalized and Precision Medicine?personalized medicineFeature

Lovisa Lindquist

16th November 2021
Advanced Therapies Congress & Expo 2021cell & gene therapyBlogCeleste Cohen
Shannon Hylton
Aaron Logsdon
8th November 2021
In support of Breast Cancer Awareness month: Understanding the diseasebreast cancerFeature

Alessandro Troiani

6th November 2021
Huntington´s Disease: prevention and current innovations in treatmentHuntington´s diseaseFeatureJenny Chatzigerou1st November 2021