Personalize My Medicine is proud to be partnering with Genome magazine!

Genome´s vision is a world in which everyone knows the power of his or her genome. As the most trusted source of information on personalized medicine, Genome will transform the way healthcare is delivered by inspiring people to demand the care they deserve.

Genome covers personalized medicine and the genomic revolution that makes it possible. It is a quarterly magazine for the public at large: patients, family, caregivers, and healthcare professionals on the education frontlines. Its mission is to empower readers to make informed health decisions that will help them live better and longer.

Genome magazine tells compelling, in-depth, well-researched stories about the people affected by chronic and life-altering diseases, as well as the efforts to predict, prevent, diagnose, and treat those conditions.

In every issue, Genome explores complicated subjects concerning genomics and medicine — and the associated ethical, legal, and social issues — but tells those stories in a relevant, easy-to-understand manner. We also examine the issues that affect our readers on a daily basis, including personal health topics like diet, exercise, sleep, spirituality, and many more.